Not Your Usual Floor Plan: What Makes New Home Inc’s Home Designs Unique?

Posted on October 3, 2021 in Home Design

Do you know how to read a floor plan? It can be challenging to look at a one-dimensional concept and fully understand what it translates to as a finished home. What are all those solid and dotted lines? It’s easy to miss details and the value they contribute to the home. We’ve invested in an approach that is not your usual floor plan. We want you to appreciate what makes New Home Inc’s home design unique.

The “why” behind the “what”

A floor plan presents the features and where everything goes. It’s up to you to imagine yourself moving through this home—like preparing a meal in this particular kitchen with the appliances, pantry, and cabinets laid out there. You think about how the placement of the owner’s suite is going to suit you. Is it private enough? Designing a home requires that every detail supports the way people will live there. What are their routines? Where do they need features like the laundry room and closets?

This is the “why” behind the “what”—thoughtful design that combines style with sensibility.

Keep it flexible

Life changes. The size of your household grows and shrinks and sometimes grows again. You might go from commuting to working from home.

Right from the start, New Home Inc considers flexibility in creating floor plans. And it’s not just an open concept that serves this need. After 30 years of building homes in the Research Triangle region, our team has learned that a builder needs to allow for more ways to personalize a home.

We incorporate design options that give homebuyers more freedom when planning their home. We can accommodate a variety of changes to the interior without changing the overall footprint of the home. The exterior dimensions stay the same but there’s leeway to get creative inside.

All square footage isn’t created equally

Do you need to forego certain aspects because you don’t want a larger home? Smaller shouldn’t mean you live with less style and quality, just less square footage. You should never have to buy a larger home to get the features you want!

When you’re choosing a floor plan from among New Home Inc’s collections, you know that every option is available to you, regardless of the overall size of the home design. Maybe you want a pocket office in a home that’s 2,000 square feet. Or you want to expand the size of the floor plan’s pantry. We can do that! Your goal with buying a home is to right-size your life, not compromise because the floor plan is limiting your options.

New floor plans fit the new lifestyle

Today’s homebuyers have different needs than just a few years ago. More people are working from home. Homeowners who might have been empty-nesters have welcomed aging parents or grown children back in their homes. The features of outdoor living have evolved. And open floor plans are great but private spaces need to balance them out.

Here are some of the details that make New Home Inc’s floor plans unique.

Productive office

Some floor plans have a flex room in the front of the home, adjacent to the foyer. The builder tells you this makes a great home office. Does it? Do you want to be working next to where people are coming and going? Does your dog bark with every delivery that arrives at the front door?

Our home designs don’t just label an empty room as a “home office”. We look at where the floor plan can afford audible privacy, so you can work uninterrupted by daily household activities and sounds.

Multi-purpose kitchen island

The kitchen island has evolved more than any space in the home. What was intended to provide additional workspace for food prep is used just as often for non-kitchen purposes: working from home, doing homework, casual dining, conversation area, and overall drop zone.

Recognizing the multi-purpose kitchen island’s nature, we rethought the design. New Home Inc expanded the kitchen island design to three-sided seating, as opposed to just one, so that more people can comfortably do whatever it is they need to do there while not feeling like they are sitting at an actual bar, staring straight ahead.

Messy Kitchen storage center

There’s a lot going on in the kitchen. Wouldn’t it be useful to have “extra” kitchen room for the overflow of tasks and tools? New Home Inc includes what we have lovingly named the “Messy Kitchen”. This feature is actually a solution to an ACTUAL messy kitchen. This dedicated space is situated just off the kitchen and provides a variety of functions, designed as you see fit.

Maybe you need a place for more non-perishables and small appliances. Or you’d like to divert some of the kitchen traffic that’s looking for snacks, drinks, and a heavy dose of coffee. The messy kitchen can be outfitted with a mini-fridge and second dishwasher. Set it up as an all-purpose beverage station with your coffee-brewing equipment and supplies, and maybe a wine chiller or kegerator. Like everything else we’ve planned in our homes, the purpose of this feature is to make your home a better fit for the way you want to live in it!

Smart Door Delivery Center

Another New Home Inc feature meets the needs of the increased volume of home deliveries. We include a nook just inside your front door that doesn’t allow access to your home’s interior. The Smart Door Delivery Center is equipped with a smart lock and doorbell camera. When an authorized delivery person arrives, they can get a special access code, which unlocks the entry to the home delivery zone.

When the delivery person leaves, the door locks, ensuring that the package is no longer outside. The area is climate-controlled, too, so your packages are protected from rain, snow, heat, and freezing temperatures. Some areas are large enough to have a secondary refrigerator to accommodate those grocery home deliveries as well!

Spa bath

Function is important in the bathroom, but let’s not overlook the value of pampering yourself. Over the years we have watched customer after customer request to REMOVE their garden tub from the owner’s bathroom and replace it with a larger walk-in shower. So that’s exactly what we have done as an included feature in our homes.

Our designers have also allowed those same flexible spaces in the rest of the home to be realized in the owner’s bathroom as well!  You can even add an oversized, 6-foot shower with a full glass wall complete with rain showerheads and a dedicated drying area. We call this, the SUPER SHOWER! Warning: You might find it hard to leave the shower!

Pet palace

Your four-legged companions are family members and we have considered their comfort in our floor plans, too. Designate a dedicated pet palace, like a nook under the stairs, it’s like adding a bedroom for your pet. Your New Home Inc home can also be outfitted with a dedicated pet washing station. No more water-covered bathroom walls from those unwanted “shakes”!

Outdoor living spaces, not just floors

Some floor plans identify a patio, which is really just a poured concrete floor. It’s assumed you will build your outdoor life from this surface. But we think an outdoor living space is more than some concrete or wood. We design ours to actually support outdoor living. Dining, cooking, and lounging areas are created in each floor plan, regardless of the home’s size.

A higher standard for standard features

Developing our floor plans required New Home Inc to take a different approach to the way we wanted our homes to be presented and experienced. From day one, our goal has been to design and build to a higher standard. We explored ways to include more features because we all want to avoid a growing list of upgrades during the buying process. It’s frustrating to buyers who come in with a budget and then have to make tough choices to stick with it.

Our homes are carefully planned to be feature-rich while still affordable. Yes, it can be done. And we invite you to see for yourself. Contact us to learn more about New Home Inc’s upcoming communities and our homes for sale in Raleigh and the surrounding area. Ask about our “Future-proof” approach to homebuilding, giving you a home that grows along with you.

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