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Smart Home Tech

We are building smarter homes by looking ahead, and drawing from our past. We’re using our wealth of knowledge to innovate and meet the needs of today’s families.

Smart Home Light Switch/Panel

The Brilliant® Control Panel is the brain of our smart home. This hub makes it easy for everyone to access all available smart home tech. Each control panel can turn standard lights into smart lights, offers built-in Alexa voice control, and includes a built-in camera with microphone, speaker and motion sensor. Supplement the system by adding smart switches and smart plugs.

Smart Door Lock

Our Smart Deadbolt Featuring a sleek, minimalist exterior, the Smart Deadbolt is the epitome of style and substance. It uses PIN codes, WiFi, and Bluetooth keys to unlock the deadbolt. You can create and send PIN codes to family, friends, and guests for easy access.

Smart Thermostat

The Smart Nest Thermostat is an innovative thermostat that adapts to your schedule, helps save you energy and makes your home smarter. It uses location-based temperature control (geofencing), and can be controlled via smartphone or tablet, from anywhere. It is programmable, adjustable, adaptable, and seamlessly integrates with the rest of your New Home Inc Smart Home components.

Video Doorbell

The Amazon Ring Pro Video Doorbell delivers enhanced head-to-toe HD+ video, first of its kind 3D motion detection, and built-in Alexa greetings that answer the door for you. It integrates directly with the Brilliant control hub for seamless integration. You’ll be able to see who is at the door comfortably & safely via the video stream integration.

New Home Inc Whole Home Networking

Whole Home Network Panel

Your modem, router, and smart home components are tucked out of the way and organized in one central location with this whole home network panel. It houses a 110V outlet and all of the CAT 6 ethernet data lines run throughout the home for dedicated internet without the worry of Wi-Fi dead spots. Your data transfer capabilities are future-proofed.

Electric Vehicle Charging Station Rough In

Located in the garage, this stage 2 charging station comes with a built-in 220-volt charging plug for your current or soon-to-be electric vehicle. Enjoy fast charging from the comfort of your home. No aftermarket conversion needed.

New Home Inc EV Charger