What is a Messy Kitchen?

Posted on October 3, 2021 in Home Design,New Vs Used

We have known for years that something was missing from our kitchens, but after more than a year of staying at home, we’ve discovered that the kitchen itself is more than just a place where you consume and prep your meals–it truly is the hub of the home. Our kitchen islands turned into the breakfast table, the school day desk, and the after-school homework station. In the midst of this multi-purpose demand for the kitchen, we realized we lack the functional space to stay organized…enter the “Messy Kitchen”.

You have an abundance of stuff—from ingredients to cookware to all those gadgets you’ve accumulated. It could be that the problem isn’t that you have too much but that you simply don’t have the right space. New Home Inc. is introducing a new concept into home designs, and we want to show you why you need a messy kitchen, and exactly what that means.

What we call a “messy kitchen” is actually the ideal kitchen organization solution for your own crowded hub. The New Home Inc. floor plans incorporate an optional separate room adjacent to the kitchen. It’s more than a walk-in pantry, which, btw, is a good start to creating a truly productive kitchen. The multi-functional messy kitchen expands your storage space, providing you a level of kitchen organization and functionality you’ve been craving.

Typically, you would only find this kind of functionality advantage in multi-million dollar homes, but New Home Inc has made this added kitchen space feature possible across many, more affordable floor plans.

The “extra” Kitchen

To spark our new home designs, we did our research into how people are using their kitchens today. More time at home, with more people at home, means more cooking at home. More cooking demands more supplies.

If you’re one of the many who decided to explore the art of sourdough bread making during all that extra time at home, you’ve probably added supplies, like a stand mixer, proofing box, and bread machine. How about your pasta passion?

Did you upgrade to a pasta machine with all the extra attachments? And then there’s the slow cooker, air fryer, Instant Pot, juicer, immersion blender, and food processor in various sizes, along with the toaster that is used only a few times a week. Where are you stashing your small appliances? An “extra” kitchen would be a great way to declutter your kitchen counters and always be ready for those impromptu parties!

Reduce kitchen traffic

Think of your newfound “extra kitchen” as more than a keeper of things. It can become an extension of your kitchen’s workspace. The messy kitchen nook is large enough to accommodate larger appliances, too. Install a mini-fridge, dishwasher, or even a wine chiller. You might need or want a second sink to speed the clean-up process.

How about a beverage station? Move your coffee maker and all the supplies to the messy kitchen. Stock the mini-fridge with drinks and keep snacks within easy reach in the cabinets. This function reduces the traffic in your kitchen. If you take advantage of installing a second sink and/or dishwasher, all those dirty mugs and glasses will never make their way into your kitchen!

The messy kitchen storage solution

Did you also expand your collection of cookware and serving pieces? Did you upgrade your pots and pans, but couldn’t part with their predecessors?

The New Home Inc. messy kitchen gives you a convenient space. Floor-to-ceiling, built-in shelves give you a quick and easy view of all that you’ve placed there. How about a pot rack hanging out of sight from your kitchen but within easy reach when you need it? You can add drawers to conveniently access your excess items, like holiday dishes, gadgets you might need someday, and the fish-shaped soup tureen from your mother-in-law.

Your messy kitchen space can be equipped with a countertop to give you extra prep space. Think about those holiday baking extravaganzas when you need room to spread out the cooling racks or all the plates of confections that would make Paul Hollywood proud. You might even want to place a roll-out baking station in your messy kitchen, complete with drawers that contain your go-to- tools (mixing bowls, rolling pin, measuring cups, and spoons). Roll it out of the messy kitchen and then stash it back when you’re done.

Get messy when you plan your kitchen design

Life keeps throwing you challenges. Is your home keeping up with them? New Home Inc. is focused on designing and building smart, functional, and future-proof homes. Our new homes for sale in Raleigh, NC, and the surrounding Research Triangle area feature intelligent vision, smart technology, and healthy home solutions. When you’re ready to have a Raleigh-area home that blends with your lifestyle, contact us at New Home Inc.

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