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Posted on October 3, 2021 in Home Design,New Vs Used

Some things that resulted from the pandemic are here to stay. Home shopping is one of them, and it’s bigger, faster, and more diverse than ever! Whether it’s from a local shop or restaurant or coming from farther away, the packages are showing up on doorsteps everywhere. More deliveries means homeowners need a better way to receive their packages. Leaving them outside the front door is no longer the right solution. Truly contactless home package delivery is. And that requires your home to be equipped with a Smart Door Delivery Center, a feature that New Home Inc. offers in all of our new homes in Raleigh, NC, and the surrounding area.

Consumers are getting everything from groceries to meals to electronics delivered. Chances are, if you are in the market for something, you can buy it online and have it delivered. Of course, that could be any time of day, the evening, or weekend. Online stores like Amazon, Walmart, and Target have stepped up to include same-day delivery, making this convenience irresistible to many shoppers. Why take the time to go shopping when you can get what you want so effortlessly? Since early 2020, Americans have stepped up their volume of home deliveries. Online shopping rose 44% over the previous year, with $861.12 billion spent by consumers with U.S.-based merchants. 

With the high number of home deliveries, managing those packages has presented a challenge to many shoppers, particularly when no one is home to receive it. New Home Inc. is designing and building future-proof new homes in Raleigh, NC, that suit the way people are living right now—which must reflect this need for accommodating more frequent deliveries. Our floor plans include a Smart Door Delivery Center as an option on every home. This area is inside the entry but doesn’t allow access to the home’s interior. With New Home Inc building Raleigh Smart Homes, the Smart Door Delivery Center and the included doorbell camera and smart lock, your deliveries are placed inside your home, safe and secure. In addition, you can see that your packages were delivered exactly where they were meant to be.

Here’s how it works. When an authorized delivery person arrives with a package, they utilize the special code that you set up for them on the smart lock installed on the exterior door. The system verifies the code and unlocks the entry to the home delivery zone. The package is placed inside. When the delivery person leaves, the door can automatically lock, ensuring that the package is not visible to passersby (like porch pirates). You have the peace of mind that your delivery is right where you want it to be. Even if you’re home when the package arrives, you don’t need to rush to the door to bring it in if you’re in the middle of something else. Just pick it up at your convenience because the package is safely stored within your home.

Weather-proof home deliveries

If you’ve ever come home to a box of melted chocolate or a package covered with snow or drenched with rain, you can appreciate the value of a Smart Door Delivery Center. By having your packages left in an enclosed area, away from the elements, it’s protected in a weather-proof delivery zone.

The Smart Door Delivery Center is heated and cooled, so packages won’t be exposed to outside weather or temperature elements. Some areas even have space for small refrigerators to be installed for that at home grocery delivery. Your online shopping and home delivery service becomes safer and more secure than ever!

Put an end to porch pirates

Shoppers aren’t the only ones who have benefitted from the convenience of the increased availability of home deliveries. Thieves are on the lookout for packages left in plain sight in residential areas. They drive up and down streets, looking for boxes left by front doors. When they think no one is home, these porch pirates grab the package and run. They don’t care what’s in them. They just grab and run–and leave empty boxes by the roadside, evidence of the growing problem.

In 2020, about 14% of Americans—about 35.5 million shoppers—admit they’ve been victims of porch pirates, according to a study by the financial services firm, Finder. About 11% of those victims said that they had packages stolen three or more times, with an average value of $156.82 per package. Amazon orders accounted for nearly one-third of the total online purchases.

While some homeowners have installed security cameras to capture images of the thieves, wouldn’t you prefer to prevent the theft than to track down the porch pirate? Avoid the hassle of getting your packages back or filing a claim to get a replacement when you have a system that protects them from being stolen in the first place.

Shop online with confidence, without any worries about whether you’ll actually receive your valuable packages when, where, and how you want them delivered. A smart door delivery center doesn’t take away any space from the actual home and the peace of mind it delivers adds tremendous value.

This feature is one of the ways that New Home Inc. is taking a different approach to building new homes in Raleigh, NC (and Apex, Selma, Smithfield, Lillington, and Fuquay-Varina). We aren’t satisfied with the way it’s always been done. Instead, we’ve researched lifestyles, looked at changes in our culture, which includes the increase in home deliveries. We’ve rethought home design to make more sense! 

We’re putting our homebuilding knowledge, creativity, and experience to work for homebuyers. New Home Inc isn’t just about new construction, but new thinking. Our Raleigh smart homes fit the way you live now, with the innovations you want and need. Our new homes in Raleigh and The Research Triangle reflect up-to-the-minute features and ideas. Check out our available new homes in Raleigh, Apex, Fuquay-Varina, and Selma. Then reach out to New Home Inc. to let us deliver you the right lifestyle solution.

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