Benefits of a Fully-Integrated Raleigh Smart Home

Posted on January 28, 2022 in Home Design

Smart home technology has become a way of life, and for those in the know, a life-saver. These devices not only save us time and potentially money, they give us peace of mind knowing just about any aspect of our home can be viewed, programmed, and controlled from anywhere in the world. We’ll get into the benefits of a fully-integrated Raleigh smart home, but first — let’s answer a few foundational questions:

What’s a smart home in Raleigh, anyway? 

A smart home is one where at least one appliance or device that controls a function of the home is connected to the internet and can be controlled remotely and on-demand.

What are some examples of smart home devices?

  • Doorbells
  • Door Locks
  • Thermostats
  • Lights
  • Garage Door Openers
  • Appliances

What’s a fully-integrated Raleigh smart home?

The number of smart devices can add up, and so can the apps, passwords, and various ways to access them. A fully-integrated smart home is one in which all your smart home products work together to create one, easy-to-use system that’s controlled by voice or remotely from a single program or app. From one central hub you can: lock and unlock your front door, program your thermostat to automatically adjust according to time and outside temperature, turn lights off and on, monitor cameras, and interact with guests from wherever you are, among other things. 

Why integrate all my smart home products?

The #1 reason is convenience. You have enough to think about in a day. The systems and appliances in your home no longer have to be one of them. Set your home to perform and react the way you want it to… and forget it.

Peace of mind is a close second. If you’re out of town and realized you didn’t set the alarm, no problem. Log into the app, set the alarm, then go ahead and raise the thermostat while you’re at it. If you’re on your way home at night and not sure if you left the porch light on, just pull out your phone and turn every light on in the house if you’d like… oh, and unlock the front door from your car so you don’t have to fumble with bags and keys. 

Enjoy a fully-integrated home with New Home Inc.

At New Home Inc., you can build your future proofsmart home systemto be as simple or advanced as you’d like. For us, It all starts with the Brilliant Smart Home System. This in-wall, touch screen control panel is the “brain” of your new home. Through touch, voice, or app you can control music, access, lights, temperature, blinds, and more. Use one device to perform all the commands. The panel also integrates with all the biggest names in smart home technology, including Alexa, Ring, Google, Sonos, Honeywell Home, Schlage, and more. 

Each home also comes pre-wired with CAT6 ethernet cable to ensure that it will never be a problem to share files, stream music, or watch movies on any device. 

Here are a few of the smart home products that come standard with a New Home Inc. home that can be easily integrated into one, easy-to-use, system. 

Smart DoorLock– With a slim and minimalist design, this smart deadbolt can be unlocked using a PIN code, phone app, or Bluetooth. Never scramble for a set of keys again.

Smart Home Thermostat– Connect with the app to always be aware of what’s going on inside your home. You can program a 7-day schedule that aligns with when you’re home and away, or let the thermostat respond automatically to temperature changes. It’s the thermostat you never knew you needed and you’ll never be able to live without. 

Ring Video Doorbell Pro– It’s like a walkie talkie for your front door, except with a host of modern-day features. With programmable greetings, customizable motion alerts, and clear video even at night, it’s like your very own (but more reliable) doorman. 

Electric Vehicle Charger Rough-in in Garage– If your smart systems include your car, your garage is all set to be an electric charging station. 

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