Is Your Home Back to School Ready?

Posted on August 29, 2022 in Home Design

Is Your Home Back to School Ready? Getting kids ready for a new school year can be hectic while also providing the promise of relief to parents. You might need to think about more than loading up the backpacks, planning lunches, and juggling bus schedules. Is your home back to school ready? Think about how where you live supports this busy lifestyle. At New Home Inc., we figured it into the floor plans of our new homes for sale in Raleigh, NC.

New Home Bathroom Privacy

It’s time to get your sleepy students up and out the door. One child is hard enough but when two or more are sharing a bathroom, the morning rush can be stressful. Maybe one of your children is at the stage where they want more privacy from their siblings or need extra time for hair, make-up, and other “back to school” prep.

One thing New Home Inc. suggests to make your home back to school ready, is a privacy wall in your secondary bathroom. Divide and conquer! Keep the peace and manage the flow of traffic in and out of the shared bathroom. And for someone who needs extra time and space for making the right appearance, provide a vanity in the bedroom with the right lighting, storage, and electrical outlets.

Mudroom Madness

They come. They go. They drop. The question is, where?

Whether you have one student or several, you need a drop zone for the backpacks, jackets, shoes, boots, and sports equipment are just another way to make your home back to school ready. Once these items make their way into your home, they can disappear into the nooks, crannies, corners, and other spaces. Then you have the frantic search at the last minute.

Avoid all that. Infuse some desperately needed organization. If you don’t have a mudroom with cubbies, hooks, or other storage, your home needs to go back to school! This addition is a must for any family because it reduces the flow of clutter and keeps certain “grab and go” items within reach.

Dedicated Home Work Areas For Back to School Ready

Like the importance of a mudroom with cubbies for organization, you need a dedicated homework station for your students. Don’t leave it up to them to disappear into their bedrooms to do homework. There’s too much distraction.

New Home Inc. designs every new home for sale with at least one pocket office. Set it up as a learning center where your kids can keep all their study needs in one place: desk or table, computer, printer, supplies, binder, folders, calendar, clock, and even a basket of snacks. The goal is to keep them focused on their studies.

If your home doesn’t have a flex space, you can create a nook in your home—the family room or loft, for example. But it’s just another reminder that your home needs to go back to school for a lesson in productivity.

Messy Kitchens

You know what’s in the fridge, pantry, and cabinets but, somehow, no one else has your x-ray vision. Whether you’re making school lunches or feeding hungry kids after they get home, how is your kitchen fixed to serve their appetites? You can set up a snack space on the kitchen center  island where they can grab a quick after-school snack or breakfast bite. 

Here’s an idea our New Home Inc. designers came up with as a design feature. We offer a messy kitchen in our floor plans. What is a messy kitchen? Not what you might think.

A messy kitchen is a closed space off your kitchen, similar to what has been called a “butler’s pantry” or “service kitchen”. The nook is outfitted with cabinets and a countertop. You can add a sink and mini-fridge and convert this space into a second kitchen. Use it to store all the snacks and lunch ingredients. Then, when it’s time to make lunch, the activity is focused in here, not the main part of the kitchen. Lunches are made, stored, and ready to go. Keep the after-school snacks in here as well, including drinks, fruit, yogurt, and other parent-approved munches in the mini-fridge.

Our homeowners rave about the messy kitchen, telling us it keeps the mess out of their kitchens. 

Smart Door Delivery Center

When school starts, parents prepare for the dreaded “I forgot to tell you” statement that is often followed by a last-minute request. Thank goodness for express delivery, right?

But home package deliveries come with another issue. Are you comfortable leaving the package in front of your door all day while you’re away from home? We have a solution that’s offered for every New Home Inc. home. TheSmart Door Delivery Center provides a secure, enclosed space where your packages are shielded from the weather and the watchful eyes of porch pirates. 

This space is protected with a smart door lock. The delivery person receives a code to unlock just the door to this enclosed drop zone. The door automatically locks upon closing. You bring in your package when you can, knowing it will be there.

Raleigh Smart Homes

The way we live today has changed over the past few years. Learning requires technology more than ever. Your home needs to have the ability to handle multiple users and devices tapped into your connection. Buffering and dead zones are just not acceptable, particularly from a student trying to finish their assignment!

New Home Inc. uses CAT6 cable in our homes, delivering the fastest data transfer speed available. When your technology keeps pace with today’s device-heavy usage, you don’t need to worry about whether your home needs to go back to school to get caught up.

New Home Inc. is the smart choice for families.

The homes we’re building today reflect the way we’re living today. That’s important to think about when you’re considering a move. New construction uses the latest trends in energy efficiency, technology, home design, and construction methods. New Home Inc. takes a Future-Proof approach to new construction homes, looking ahead to envision what’s coming rather than doing it the way it’s always been done. Our new homes for sale in Raleigh and the Raleigh suburbs have features like smart home automation, electric vehicle charging station, whole-home air filtration, and pet spaces.New Home Inc. is a young company with very deep experience in homebuilding. “New” is our first name, because it’s how we think. We invite you to look at our communities of new homes for sale in Raleigh and the Raleigh suburbs. Take a virtual tour of any of New Home Inc.’s floor plans. And then contact us to learn more about homes that are the smart choice for families.

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