Who is New Home Inc?

Posted on November 15, 2021 in NEWS

Who is New Home Inc? What makes us different

Your choice of homebuilder will make a huge difference in the years ahead. It’s not just the quality of the home they build but also the experience you remember. From your first connection through every step of the building and closing process and beyond—to customer service and warranty coverage—your builder plays a huge role. So, take the time to know your choices. So, let’s start the conversation. Who IS New Home Inc? And what makes us different?

What is in a name?

Often, when you’re looking at homebuilders, you find names that include the business owner’s and the word “Homes”. New Home Inc tells you who we are, not who started the company. What matters isn’t one or two family names, but that we are a team of experienced homebuilders, with expertise across every phase—land development, home design, construction, purchasing, estimating, and finance. A building company reflects a team concept, not an individual. We empower our team members with the understanding that they are New Home Inc, not following in the footsteps of one person. Most importantly, we feel that YOU our customer embodies New Home Inc. In fact, New Home Inc is not about who WE are, but what our customers want and need. You, the homebuyer, drive change, and we listen.

New company, new ideas

We are a new company but we have been building homes for families in the Raleigh area for decades. We’ve put that collective knowledge to use, measuring the value of certain systems, values, and methods. We’ve seen what works and what doesn’t. We formed this company in response to what we saw that was missing in the Raleigh new homes market; quality, forward thinking homes built and owned by local people, not some “entity” in another state or country.

The New Home Inc team understands the needs of the Raleigh area homebuyer and the challenges, because we are that same homebuyer. The fact that we are starting fresh with a new company means we’re not stuck in old ways. We don’t have to turn a huge ship around, one degree at a time. We’ve launched with ideas that are current, innovative, and forward-thinking. We’re moving forward with agility to execute the right ideas for our customers.

New home design approach

For one thing, New Home Inc looks at home design as both style and function. We believe that your home “performs” for you. How well it achieves that depends on the builder’s ability to apply real-world lifestyle behaviors to a one-dimensional plan.

Our floor plans are current, not adaptations. We created them as the country was moving out of the pandemic’s peak. We’ve taken current lifestyle needs into account. Our homes are high-performing for today’s homeowners and families—what we call “Future-Proof.

If you’re looking at floor plans that were created two, five, ten, or more years ago, ask yourself if your life was different then. We’ve ALL experienced a shift in our lifestyles since the beginning of the Pandemic.

  • Households have expanded to welcome adult children and aging parents. Multigenerational living presents a challenge for giving adults the right space for comfort and privacy. Features like a second suite or first floor living matter more than ever.
  • Thekitchen island, too, has evolved from a workspace to a meeting area. When children switched to virtual learning, the island’s breakfast bar became a homework station. Busy parents working at home also used this area to aim for work-life balance.
  • Builders often build in “flex space”, a room that isn’t designated for any particular purpose. You decide! But does the one-size-fits-all approach really fit? When you need a home office, do you want it situated, next to all the comings and goings? We designed our homes to have a home office in an area where you can have the privacy you need for productivity but not feel completely secluded.
  • The pre-COVID floor plans also don’t take into consideration that our shopping habits have dramatically changed. Maintaining safe social distance prompted consumers to do more shopping online, including groceries they would normally have picked up in-store. The increase in home deliveries identified a rising need in new home design: a safe delivery zone. New Home Inc incorporated the concept into every home, with our Smart Door Delivery Center. This feature provides a locked nook by the front entry with a smart door lock that can be opened by someone you provided a secure code to. Your valued packages aren’t left outside but are protected from inclement weather and out of sight of passing porch pirates. This area is also heated and cooled, so it can be safe for grocery delivery as well!

New approach to customer service

The New Home Inc philosophy to customer service is also worth noting. We want you to feel as involved as you want to be. You’ll be invited to do walk-throughs during construction, something many builders find to be an intrusion. We’re excited about our construction methods and proud of our crews. We welcome you to come and ask questions, to see the inner workings of your new home as it becomes real.

You will always be able to have a real person to talk to during construction. We’ll keep you updated and be available, even if it’s an evening or weekend. We get that this is a major leap of faith for you, and New Home Inc wants to earn and keep that trust. So, as you work through your choices of a new home, keep in mind what “new” should mean. In addition to new construction, maybe you want a new approach, a new perspective, and a new look at what your home and the building experience should be. New Home Inc invites your questions and the opportunity to tell you about thenew townhomes and single-family homes for sale in Raleigh and the region surrounding this great Carolina hub!

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