Innovative New Home Construction in North Carolina

Posted on August 18, 2023 in Energy/Health/Tech,New Vs Used

Smart home automation changed the way people live in their homes. Then the pandemic drove even more adjustments, likemultiple generationsof adults living under one roof and the need for dedicated home office space. Innovative new home construction in North Carolina now delivers a variety of features that have gone beyond optional. In fact,New Home Inc.believes you should expect them as your new standard of daily living at home.

What is smart home technology…and why do I need it?

“Smart” refers to a device that connects to a network using a wireless protocol, like WiFi or Bluetooth. Smart home devices have been presenting conveniences since the iPhone launched in 2007. Dubbed a smartphone, the technology created a tsunami of uses and applications. What was once a cool thing to have has become essential. The smartphone—a handheld computer, really—allows us to access every space in our homes, inside and out. 

Even before thepandemichit in early 2020, we had a growing number of smart home devices in our homes: thermostats, doorbells, and locks that let you control your home even when you’re far away. Kitchens then became smarter as the major appliances were enabled with WiFi and Bluetooth technology. From brewing your coffee tolooking inside your refrigeratorwhile you’re at the grocery store, smart home automation has revolutionized the way we use our kitchens.

New Home Inc. recognized the need to build more “smarts”, to pioneer a new direction in new home construction in North Carolina. Technology was a priority for us because it presents such a broad spectrum of uses. All of the advances in smart home devices allow greater control over safety and security and a multitude of conveniences. 

We looked at ways to provide safety and security by leveraging thebenefits of smart home automation. First and foremost, every home should be outfitted with asmart door lockandvideo doorbell. Check your smartphone app to see who is at your front door. This is an essential feature if you have kids at home who are quick to open the door without checking first.

Speaking of the front door, how about protecting your home deliveries, yet another use that has gained great demand since 2020? Whether you’re worried about the weather—heat, cold, rain, snow—or theft, a safe place for receiving your packages is a valuable feature and one of the important trends in new homes.

Looking at how, as a Raleigh, NC, home builder, we can support innovative new home construction in North Carolina, New Home Inc. came up with a solution: an enclosed, secured, and climate-controlled delivery nook. New Home Inc. calls this feature thesmart door delivery center. An authorized delivery person enters a code on the smart door lock and then opens the home’s exterior door to a space in front of the home’s actual interior door. They deliver the package, leave, and the door automatically locks behind them. You don’t have to worry about your purchase disappearing or the contents being damaged by the elements. And the delivery person does not have access to your home’s interior.

Must-have smart home technology should also include asmart thermostatso you can preset the temperature to reduce energy use when you’re not at home or asleep. According toConsumer Reports,  a smart thermostat, properly used, can save about $50 per year in electric bills. 

And how do you manage all this smart home technology, particularly so that your devices work throughout your home? That happens with awhole home network panel. Also known as structured wiring, this panel goes beyond the standard router where your signal gets weaker the farther away you move from it. Instead, your home is wired withCAT6 cablingthat broadcasts a strong WiFi signal anywhere in your home network and eliminates dead zones. Some home builders in Raleigh are still using CAT5 cabling, but New Home Inc. includes CAT6 as a standard feature in every home and townhome we build, as well as a whole home network panel. Because we’re all dependent on our technology and shouldn’t put up with an unreliable signal.

New trends in new homes

What else can you expect to find in today’s innovative new home construction in North Carolina? Let’s start with the kitchen, an important part of any home. More than food prep, it’s the central gathering place—for swapping stories about the day, managing schedules, and enjoying casual meals and snacks. Recognizing this, New Home Inc.’s designersexpanded the center islandin our kitchens. There’s noraisedbreakfast bar; instead, we have a larger, flat surface that’s a more convenient workspace. We’ve also extended the surface to accommodateseating on three sides, because more people enjoy this type of casual dining and snacking.

The kitchens also meet the need for additional storage and serving space. Our new homes in Raleigh, NC, and the surrounding areas offer  a “messy kitchen”, which actually serves to contain your kitchen mess. Our messy kitchen is an extra pantry—in addition to the standardwalk-in pantrythat’s already included. This small room, adjacent to the kitchen, is a service pantry where you can have cabinets, a countertop, serving area, sink, mini-fridge, dishwasher, or whatever else you need to reduce the traffic and clutter in your kitchen. Some homeowners set it up as a snack and beverage station. You can also store your small kitchen appliances to keep them handy without dedicating valuable cabinet space for your daily supplies.

With so many people investing in electric vehicles, your home should have a charging station. We thought ahead about this and now include a rough-in so that it’s easy to add theelectric vehicle charging station. All the basics are there!

And there used to be a time when working from home meant sitting on the sofa with your laptop. When the concept became necessary and then popular, the sofa, kitchen table, and bed just didn’t cut it as a workspace. Today’s homes need a dedicated space for ahome office, not an afterthought where you’re just “making do”. New Home Inc. realized there’s more to creating a functional, productive workspace than taking over an empty room. You need privacy (e.g., doors, placement), lighting, and storage. Our floor plans take into account specifically where an office or pocket office makes sense.

Another feature that reflects innovative new home construction in North Carolina ispet-friendly design. Apet washing stationmakes it easy to groom your dog in a safe place. We work with our homebuyers to place the space where it makes the most sense—the laundry room. Expand your utility sink and add a higher pull-down faucet as well as non-slip surfaces and a place to stash the grooming supplies. 

We can also include apet palace, built under the stairs on the main level. It’s a perfect place for your furry family member to find peace and quiet, stash their toys, and grab an uninterrupted nap. 

The flexibility to say “Yes, we can!”

Flexibility needs to be part of innovative new home construction in North Carolina. When you’relooking at home builders in Raleigh, NC, for example, explore the ways that the builder will work with you to make changes. Are the plans flexible enough to give you some leeway?

When we were designing our company, we wanted a customer-friendly approach. Building a home is a partnership.  New Home Inc.’s designs are “Future-Proof”, meaning they can grow with you. Whether you’re looking at aging in place, growing your family, right-sizing, or just being comfortable with where you are, you need a home that fits you in the long term. A builder who’s in touch with trends in new homes, and will to incorporate them, is the one you want!

New Home Inc. is building new townhomes andnew homes for sale in Raleighand the Raleigh suburbs. We havecommunitiesof our Future-Proof homes inAngier,Apex,Fuquay-Varina,Lillington, andSmithfield.

Innovation is ongoing. New Home Inc. is one of the home builders in Raleigh, NC, who keeps looking for ways to better serve our homeowners.We hope to hear from you soon!