Barkitecture: Tips for designing a pet-friendly home

Posted on May 24, 2023 in Home Design

We love our four-legged family members.Barkitectureis for those of us who live with fur, invite pets on the furniture, and make no excuses to visitors who just don’t get it. It makes sense then to consider the needs for these treasured household members.New Home Inc.loves them, too. So, we’ve gathered these tips for designing a pet-friendly home.

You don’t have to compromise.

The right living environment has to be right for everyone in your household. You’re not alone in that belief. 

According to surveyconducted in 2022, 77% of homeowners in the U.S. have at least one pet, and 79% of pet owners say that their pet’s needs are factored into their decision of where to live. And 91% of those who are planning to buy a home state that a pet-friendly home is a priority. A large majority of these same pet lovers declare that they would not buy a home, no matter how perfect, if it didn’t accommodate their pets. From having a fenced-in yard to interior places for your pets, your home is theirs, too.

Love is built into your pet-friendly home.

While you’re touring new homes for sale, you look at the bedrooms. But what about a room for your pet? New Home Inc. believes they deserve their own space to retreat to. As a homebuilder that supports barkitecture, we offer adedicated pet spacethat is built under the stairs on the main level. Your dog or cat can escape to an enclosed room where they can stash their favorite toys, snuggle in their bed, and grab the occasional snack. Just like the human household members, having their own room is important to their wellbeing—particularly when they feel the need to escape from annoying visitors.

Good grooming is always important.

While your cats are usually expert at grooming themselves, dogs benefit from the occasional bath (which benefits everyone in the entire house). Don’t leave this important task as an afterthought. You’ll just end up making it a more difficult chore than it has to be—setting up a washing station, grabbing the necessary supplies, and confining the area to avoid an all-out flood.

A pet washing station can be added to your new home. We recently had a homebuyer choose ourApex floor planand add a pet washing station in a dedicated part of the garage. You can expand the utility sink or create a larger station with a step-in shower that makes it easy for finagling a large pet at bathtime. 

Here are some design tips for a pet-friendly home’s grooming station:

  • Remember that the space should be at a good height for both of you so you’re not straining your back by bending over too far. 

  • Include a hook and leash to attach your pet and prevent wet escapes. 

  • Build in a splash guard to keep the inevitable shake splatter inside the washing area.

  • Add a ramp or stairs for your pet to climb if you have a large animal, so you’re not doing the heavy lifting. It can be removable to keep this important feature out of the way until you need it.

Cats like to hang around.

Cats are natural perchers. They like a clear view of their surroundings. Show them the love and respect they want, need, and expect by building spaces for them to partake in their favorite activity.

Cat trees are great, but often take up space in your room. In spite of the nature of the term “barkitecture”, the concept applies to more than dogs. Here are two tips for designing a pet-friendly home that work for your AND your cat:

  • Install hanging cat beds or shelves near windows and in spaces where your cats can keep a watchful eye on everything in their domain.

  • Consider converting some of your outdoor living space to acatio. These enclosures let your curious feline enjoy the fresh air, take in the wildlife, and stay safe from the risks that lurk outside. A catio can be simple or complex, but will always be a welcomed pet space for your cat.

  • Built-in ledges create a catwalk above your living area. Use or amend your floor plan’s existing shelves and ledges to give your cat a pleasing place to prance. 

An informal dining room for your pet

Anyone who has ever struggled with finding the best place to feed their pets can appreciate the value of planning ahead. Inevitably, you move into your home and then decide where you're going to place the food and water dishes.

Let’s back up a bit instead. Create a pet feeding station where you don’t have to worry about the dishes being bumped or spilled, creating a mess and a slipping hazard. Ideally, configure the pet feeding station with a cabinet where you can store the food, dishes, and any utensils to make the task more efficient.

New Home Inc. includes a unique nook in our kitchens. We call it a “messy kitchen”, and its purpose is to actually prevent a messy kitchen. Think of it like a service or butler’s pantry. The messy kitchen is adjacent to the kitchen, but a separate room. You could set up the pet feeding station here, use the cabinet space for the supplies, and have a sink for both filling the water dish and washing all of the pet dishes. Your pet can enjoy a meal without interruption and you don’t have the mess in your kitchen!

Aging in place works for your pet, too.

Do you have a pet who is reaching their senior years? Some animals, like humans, find it difficult to navigate spaces as they age. If your new home is multi-level, consider how your pet will be able to join you upstairs at bedtime, if they’re used to that comfy benefit.

Also consider the proximity of their food station to their favorite napping spot and an exit door when they need to get outside. Plan the locations to minimize the walking distance as much as you can.

Protect your furniture without sacrificing your style.

Your cats and dogs like to sit with you. And they leave behind the furry reminder. If you want to maintain a sense of decor while providing a barrier to a layer of fur on the upholstery, drape soft throws on the places where your pets like to relax. Then remove and wash them as needed. You gain a cozy look that reflects your color palette and also reduce the time spent cleaning and vacuuming your upholstery.

New Home Inc. is your pet-friendly builder.

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