Lillington, NC: A small town with big plans

Posted on December 22, 2022 in LIVING IN NC
Lillington, NC: A small town with big plans

Lillington, NC: A small town with big plans

Living in a small town has its rewards. Hospitality, safety, and the sense of community are just a few. But it’s also helpful to know that your town is invested in maintaining and growing in a healthy, manageable way that benefits the residents. Lillington, NC, is a small town with big plans. The Raleigh suburb launched a master redevelopment plan in 2020, an undertaking that adds to the reasons for living in Lillington.

The expansive Downtown Lillington Master Plan was adopted in March 2020, right at the start of the pandemic. They framed their plan with this vision statement:

“Downtown Lillington offers opportunities to work, shop, dine, live, and celebrate in a place that is uniquely Lillington and full of small-town charm. Downtown capitalizes on its location in the region and its proximity to higher education, healthcare, and connection to nature. Its streets are full of friendly faces, offering an opportunity to connect to the broader community and one another.”

Lillington has been growing gradually, as more people recognize the value of living within driving distance of Raleigh and Fayetteville, but want a quieter lifestyle. With growth of any kind comes the need to take a fresh look at the town. 

Downtown Lillington is marked by two main roads that criss-cross: Main Street and Front Street. In the blocks that form the area, there are issues with parking, roads, lighting, traffic lights, storefronts, parks, and common areas. The committee’s careful study and planning led them to crafting the Lillington master plan, digging deeply into a renaissance for the town of fewer than 4,000 people.

Everyone has a voice in the plans

The Lillington master plan was developed with input from the townspeople. They were asked what they felt the town needed, along with features that would make it a better place to live and work. 

As a group, they came up with a list of priorities: public space improvements, outdoor dining, parking lot upgrades, new and improved crosswalks, re-routing tractor-trailer traffic, improving sidewalks (wider, trees, furniture, etc.), and a desire for pedestrian scale signage.

Their voices were heard and the final draft of the plan was presented and approved.

“Make it easier to get around.”

Lillington will soon be more welcoming to drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists. People will be seeing (and appreciating) better signage and lighting, reduced speed limit, high visibility crosswalks, more diagonal parking, and burying utility lines to improve visibility at intersections. The plan calls for reducing traffic by rerouting traffic away from the area. Sidewalks are being widened for safety, and to make room for seating, like benches and outdoor dining.

“Add more personality to Downtown Lillington.”

The people of Lillington have spoken. They want a downtown that’s more appealing, more welcoming. The Lillington master plan has responded.

The creation of a public arts program is inviting people to add visual energy to Downtown Lillington. Programs are being made available for sidewalk painting, community murals, and utility box wraps. 

Living in Lillington, you’ll also see improvement in landscaping. The master plan allows for greening up the area, not only for the aesthetic benefits but also for comfort and safety. The plantings will provide shade as well as a buffer to reduce street noise. 

“We need to maintain the history.”

The town planners respect the history of the buildings but recognize that redevelopment is an important step. They’ve set the goal to “ease transition between new and old development by maintaining character—defining details such as building placement, height, massing, and architectural detail.”

Redevelopment will encourage remodeling that allows for better visibility, pedestrian entrances, and street elements, such as dining and displays. Refurbished and refreshed storefronts will add to the appeal of Downtown Lillington, too.

“Let’s bring more things to do in Downtown Lillington.”

There’s a quintessential beauty to Downtown Lillington, particularly with the historic buildings that line the streets. There are many local businesses there, but the townspeople are ready to welcome new ones.

Lillington has alleys and courtyards that will be getting a facelift soon. Beautification will create well-lit, visible, pedestrian routes. 

The Lillington master plan focuses an initiative on establishing mixed-use development. These town centers combine retail, restaurants, entertainment, and services, and present a big draw for visitors and residents—which also brings more revenue to Lillington. 

The involvement of the local business people has set in motion the plans for a downtown business association. These groups often organize special events that bring people, energy, and opportunities to the area. 

“Can we work on the parking?”

The answer to this request is a resounding, “Yes!”

The Lillington master plan will maximize off-street parking and incorporate diagonal parking, which significantly expands the number of available spaces. Signage will clearly identify public parking. And the town leaders are looking at making agreements with local businesses in order to make more parking available.

Be part of Lillington’s growth

There’s a lot happening in Lillington, NC. This vision for redevelopment details how Lillington will look and feel in the years ahead. It’s exciting to be part of a community that has the drive to become the best version of itself.

Lillington, NC, is midway between Raleigh and Fayetteville. This central location expands your opportunities for work and play. You can live in a small but vibrant town, a place where you’re truly part of a community. And where you’re not limited in your choices of things to do.

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