How to Build a Home Gym That Works for You

Posted on October 3, 2021 in Home Design

Would you rather enjoy your workouts at home than heading to the gym? Did you miss your workouts at the gym over the past year? The need and desire for physical activity that’s more convenient prompted many Americans to set up a home fitness space. A home gym gives you the freedom to do your workout at your convenience whenever you want and without the health concerns within a public fitness center. Before you invest in more equipment than you need, New Home Inc has tips for how to build a home gym that really works for you.

Determine your fitness goals to determine how to build a home gym.

What do you need for your home gym? With the growing popularity of Peloton and Apple Fitness, home workouts have been reimagined! Every person has specific objectives for their personal fitness program. You might want to boost your cardio or train for a marathon—or somewhere in between. By deciding what you want for your workout, you can zoom in on the equipment to support those goals. What is Decide what makes your ideal workout and then design the space to fit the equipment you’ll need.? Yoga and aerobics require limited space and very little equipment. Weight training and full cardio need more room and some retrofitting, like flooring tiles. Be honest with yourself about your workout plans so that your investment in a home gym cost doesn’t go to waste.

Find the right space.

Trying to figure out how to build a home gym, you might already feel the squeeze from sheltering at home. Maybe you designated an area for a home office and another for the kids’ virtual classroom. But if your fitness goals are a priority, you need a space that enables you to get the workout you need and want, which means space for equipment like a Peloton, treadmill, and weights. A corner of the living room could mean you’re squeezing in a limited amount of equipment in this furnished space, while also tempting kids to use your home gym as a play area.

A flex room is ideal to set up a home gym that gives you a good dedicated workout space. Don’t relegate this important activity to the basement or garage. A workout space that’s wedged between the car and the storage area in the garage might not motivate you to go there.

Incorporate your fitness into your home with all the other essential lifestyle functions. Designating an area of your garage or basement works well, too.

As you decide where to set up your home gym, remember that it needs to be a pleasant and stimulating place. Wedged between the car and the storage area in the garage might not motivate you to go there. Equip your home gym with elements that make it more appealing and comfortable—a TV, basket of towels, fridge with healthy drinks, graphics that energize you, good lighting, and splashes of color. By locating your home gym in the main part of your home, you don’t need to worry about portable fans and heaters because your “You Space” is temperature-controlled. If your home gym is in an area without temperature control, set up a heater and fan.

Make a plan (pun intended).

Map out your home gym. Determine where you’re going to place the items you want there. Make sure you have electrical outlets where you need them. Now that you can see your home gym on paper (or a screen), list the equipment and supplies you’ll need. This will prevent you from buying more or less than you need, or the wrong things entirely.

Include any home improvements for your home gym. Do you need floor tiles or rubber mats to protect your floor from heavy equipment? Do you have a Wi-Fi signal that’s strong enough to feed your technology? New Home Inc is building future-proof homes that include CAT 6 ethernet cabling that enables a hard-wire connection from your smart home panel (included in every home). CAT 6 supports higher data rates and reduces noise, which gives you a strong, more consistent Wi-Fi connection

Do you need floor tiles or rubber mats to protect your floor from heavy equipment? If you’re going to hang a punching bag, make sure you have a joist in the area you plan to use it. Since you can’t move the joist, you might have to adjust your placement.

Include storage space in your home gym plan. Whether cabinets, shelves, or bins, you’ll need to keep your smaller equipment (resistance bands, hand weights, jump rope, yoga mats) and supplies well organized.

Work it out with New Home Inc

Getting a workout room shouldn’t be a workout. When you’re living in a home that fits the way you want to live, you have room for everything you need. New Home Inc is a different kind of homebuilder. We start by studying what homebuyers need—like flex space, more storage, smart door delivery centers, and room to adapt to changing lifestyles. Our new homes for sale in Raleigh reflect innovative thinking that combines advances with affordability. We call this buyer-centered approach “future-proof”. Invest in tomorrow with a thoughtful home design that understands your life is dynamic, so your home should be, too. Talk to us at New Home Inc to work out your future.

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