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Posted on April 1, 2023 in LIVING IN NC

Townhomes have continuedgrowing in popularityin recent years. From first-time homeowners and young professionals to families, single parents, and empty nesters, the appeal of this lifestyle resonates with a wide range of homebuyers. North Carolina’s Triangle is also hugely popular among homebuyers.New Home Inc. is building new townhome communities near Raleigh, NC, giving you the benefits of both lifestyle and location.

Why are townhomes so popular?

Atownhomeis a multi-story, attached residence, where you share one or more walls with a neighbor. You own the interior and exterior of the home and the land it’s built on. As the owner, you pay a Homeowners Association (HOA) fee, which covers the cost of exterior maintenance, like lawn mowing, weeding, roof repair, trash removal, exterior painting, and snow plowing. And who doesn’t want to give up THOSE chores?

Meanwhile, the townhome feels like a single-family home, with multiple stories, a garage, and lots of interior space. Depending on the townhome you choose, you’ll have as much—if not more—square footage than many single-family homes. 

Owning a townhome is similar to owning a condo, but with key differences: 

  • A townhome can have multiple levels while a condo is usually a single-level.

  • With a townhome, you own the land your unit occupies.

  • HOAs for condo communities are often more restrictive with the changes you can make to the exterior of your unit, like landscaping and changing your front door to personalize your home.

  • Many townhomes include a garage, not just an assigned parking spot.

So, when you’re wondering, why are townhomes so popular, the answer is clear. The benefits of a townhome give you the comfort of wonderful spaces and the convenience of a low-maintenance lifestyle.

Let’s also remember that a townhome often costs less than a single-family home so it’s an affordable homebuying option.

Where are new townhomes for sale near Raleigh?

Raleigh is a vibrant, exciting city—the capital of North Carolina, a major point in theResearch Triangle’s thrivingjob market, and consistently ranked one of thebest places to live in the U.S.

With so many reasons to live in Raleigh or the Raleigh suburbs, the region is ideal for townhome communities.

AndNew Home meeting the demand fornew townhomes for sale near Raleigh. We’re building new communities in some of the most sought-after Raleigh suburbs.

Franklin Townes, Smithfield, NC

Franklin Townesis our exciting opportunity—new townhomes for sale in Smithfield, NC! This Raleigh suburb has so much to offer.Downtown Smithfieldis a historic district with a tempting array of locally owned restaurants, cafes, shops, boutiques, galleries, and other ways to occupy your time—just a fewreasons to live in Smithfield, NC

Great for commuters.Our new townhome community near Raleigh is located on Durwood Stephenson Parkway in Smithfield. Take this road west and you can get on Route 70 in a few minutes. Head east and hop on I-40 to Raleigh, or go south to connect quickly with I-95. Living in Smithfield gives you a 33-minute commute to Raleigh.  

Close to Smithfield’s diverse recreation.New Home Inc. chose a great location for people who love their outdoor activities. Franklin Townes is near the Neuse River, theSmithfield Recreation and Aquatics Centerand Smithfield Community Park—so recreation is always just minutes from your home. 

Luxury townhomes, affordably priced. When completed, Franklin Townes will be a community of 134 new townhomes. Every unit is 3 stories and includes a 1-car garage. You can choose from floor plans with 1,800 to 2,300 square feet of interior living space, plus a private patio.

Every townhome reflects New Home Inc.’shigher standard for included features:

  • Smart home automation package: Whole home network panel, video doorbell, smart door lock, smart garage door opener, smart home light switch/panel, smart thermostat, and our innovativesmart door delivery center, an enclosed, secured place to receive home deliveries.

  • Modern kitchenwith oversized island with 3 sides for seating and our unique “messy kitchen”, an extra service pantry that can be used for storage, cleaning, serving, beverage or snack station, or any combination you need.

  • Adjustable owner’s suitewith options to fit your lifestyle.

  • Electric vehicle charging stationrough-in to easily accommodate your EV.

  • CAT6 cablingthat ensures strong, reliable connectivity.

  • Flex room and pocket spacesfor your home office, fitness studio, or other uses.

  • Outdoor living spacewith privacy!

Smithfield is a growing Raleigh suburb. The lock-and-leave townhome lifestyle gives you freedom to take advantage of the things to do in Smithfield. If you’re looking for townhome communities near Raleigh, Franklin Townes gives you the benefits of a townhome with new construction, great location, and outstanding amenities for an affordable price!Contact New Home learn more about buying a new construction townhome in our Smithfield community.

Springwood Townes, Fuquay-Varina, NC

Like Smithfield, Fuquay-Varina is a Raleigh suburb that is no longer a best-kept secret. And that makes it a smart choice for New Home Inc.’s new townhome community,Springwood Townes.

Fuquay-Varina’spopulationhas more than doubled since2010, from 17,937 to 36,736 people. Fuquay-Varina has also been singled out on many “Best” lists:

Easy Raleigh commute.Fuquay-Varina is a 25-minute commute from Fuquay-Varina to Raleigh. Living at Springwood Townes, just off Judd Parkway, gives you a short drive to Route 401, which takes you to Raleigh.

Combined with the quality of life here, the town—and Springwood Townes—is one of thebest places to live for Raleigh commuters!

Downtown Fuquay-Varinais twice the fun.When you’re ready to explore the heart of this small city, you have two choices. Fuquay-Varina has two downtown districts, both highly walkable and definitely worth visiting regularly. And when you live at Springwood Townes, you can walk or ride to enjoy any of thethings to do in Fuquay-Varina.

A friendly hometown.Fuquay-Varina is known as a small city with a big heart.Festivals, special events, and community-wide activities are part of the landscape when you live in Fuquay-Varina. 

New construction townhomes with more than expect.The new townhomes at Springwood Townes are designed with both your present and future lifestyle in mind. We look ahead to what’s coming—how your life and household might change—and we build ourFuture-Proof homeswith this visionary approach.

For example…

  • You might not own an electric vehicle yet. But when you do, your townhome is ready with an electric vehicle charging station rough-in already in your garage. 

  • As you add members and devices to your household, you won’t have to worry about the quality of the internet connection, because we planned ahead and installed CAT6 cabling.

  • Are you working from home now? Whether that’s in your current or future career, your New Home Inc. townhome is ready for you. In addition to the robust WiFi, you have a pocket office in a location that affords privacy.

  • Busy lifestyles don’t allow you to answer the door whenever someone is there. With the included video doorbell and fully enclosedsmart door delivery center, your front entrance is covered.

  •  How many people are living with you now? As your family grows, our home design makes it easy to make room. The oversized kitchen island has seating on 3 sides so more people can sit at one time. And the drop zone in the family entry features organization to keep the clutter out of your home, no matter how many people are coming and going.

Does the idea of townhome living in Fuquay-Varina feel like the right fit for you?Talk to us at New Home Inc. to explore Springwood Townes.

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