6 Reasons Why Buying a New Home is Better Than a Resale Home

Posted on December 15, 2021 in New Vs Used
6 Reasons Why Buying a New Home is Better Than a Resale Home

What excites you about buying a home? Do you have visions of what it will be like the day you move in? Will it welcome you with that “new home smell”? Will you have work to do to make it your own? New Home Inc can give you 6 reasons why buying a new home is better than a resale home. Before you decide on such a big investment, be clear on the advantages of new construction homes.

1. Move-in ready actually means what it says.

What exactly does “move-in ready” mean? When a home listing is described this way, It can be anything from clean to fully refurbished. A move-in ready home implies that you don’t need to do any work in order to move in. Everything is in working order.

But…if you want to change the colors on the walls, the flooring, the fixtures, and other choices made by the previous homeowner, is it truly “move-in ready”? You’ll need to spend time and money on making the home your own. Some homebuyers close on their home, only to delay moving in while they make repairs and do remodeling projects.

With a new construction home, you work with your builder to make design selections in advance. The home is completed to reflect your style so you don’t need to do anything to personalize it, other than bring in your possessions.

The real definition of “move-in ready” is that your home is ready for moving day when you are! 

2. You don’t take on someone else’s worries.

Have you ever moved out of a home and thought, “I’m glad I won’t have to deal with THAT any more!”? Maybe it was the issue of running out of hot water in the middle of a shower, a toilet that didn’t flush well, a leaky faucet, drafty windows, or a strange smell you could never identify. Possibly you kept your fingers crossed that the furnace would last another winter.

Whatever the issue that you bid a glad farewell to, it was about to welcome the new occupant. Is this what you want in your new home, the annoying things that someone left behind?

Sure, a home inspection should pinpoint many of the problems, but it’s not a guarantee. If you’ve watched home makeover programs on HGTV, you know that some problems lurk unseen and aren’t discovered until you start knocking down the walls, tearing out cabinets, pulling up floors, or digging around the foundation. And then, it’s “uh-oh” time as the cost of the project creeps up along with the complexity.

3. Everything is brand new so there are no repairs or replacements to be done.

Maybe you escape the unpleasant surprises outlined in Reason #2. You already know you’ll have to replace the roof, the windows, and maybe the air conditioning system in the near future. You’ll have to find the right company to do the work and live through the repair or replacement process, as well as foot the bill. You should factor these costs into the total cost of ownership for a resale home.

While you might have “saved” money by buying a resale home, the cost of getting it to where you want to be could easily eat up the price differential. 

4. A new home has the latest in everything.

A new construction home—at least those designed and built by New Home Inc—reflect the latest technology, construction processes, and materials. You reap the rewards of greater energy efficiency, smart home automation, and healthy home features. For New Home Inc, that’s a home that saves you money on your energy bills and provides indoor air quality so you and your family can literally breathe easier. Did you know that typically indoor air has up to five times more pollutants than what you breathe outdoors? We incorporate systems like a whole-home air filtration system that circulates fresh air into your home. You’re not just breathing the same stale air.

Your new construction home also has brand new appliances. You benefit from the latest advances in features, instead of outdated ones.

5. The design is more current.

It’s not just what’s IN the homes that makes them updated, but the way they’re designed. New Home Inc designs our homes to be “Future-Proof”. We researched the way people live in their homes, what they want and need, and what’s missing from resale homes. We incorporated contemporary design features that include a “Messy Kitchen”, a nook that’s adjacent to the kitchen. Like a butler’s pantry or service kitchen, our Messy Kitchen expands your functional kitchen space and gives you the flexibility to personalize it to your needs. Store your small appliances, set up a beverage station, or use it for additional pantry space. 

New Home Inc also includes a Smart Door Delivery Center on all of our new construction homes for sale in the Raleigh area. What is a Smart Door Delivery Center and why do you need one? If you get home deliveries left by your front door, you can appreciate the value of having a small door that opens to an enclosed area by your front door. The smart door is activated by a barcode scan and automatically locks itself after the door is closed. Your deliveries are protected from the weather and porch pirates.

We’ve also designed New Home Inc floor plans with designated home office space that isn’t just a flex room by the front door. We know you need more privacy than that for your workspace!

Our homes also feature more seating at the breakfast bar, because families frequently use this area for more than dining, like homework.

6. Your new home is covered by a warranty.

When you move into your New Home Inc new construction home, you have the peace of mind that it’s fully covered by our builder’s warranty, from the foundation to the roof. The systems—HVAC, electrical, plumbing—and every appliance are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, too. When you need repair, you don’t need to go searching for the name of the company that last serviced it or work your way through the manufacturer’s voicemail system. We give you an organized list of providers and contact information so you can quickly get your warranty issue resolved. What else do you need to know about buying a new construction home? New Home Inc invites you to come and see the new townhomes and single-family homes we’re building in the Raleigh area. Contact us to see what’s coming!

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